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Moxxi Part 12 - Shopping and Accessories!

Hello world, I just CAN'T say enough about the progress I am making on Rubi! With this whole cosplay thing, there are times when I'm working on something and I say something along the lines of "God damn it, I've spent two hours working on this stupid little detail of this stupid little thing that no one will notice when I could have been doing so many other things"... but when I see results like this - 
More Rubi Progress!
I can't help but say "Hot damn this is awesome!" Which makes putting many more hours into it that much easier! At this point, I just need to shave down the handle again (it hadn't been quite wide enough), make a new trigger out of sintra, install the switch so the trigger controls the lights, re-install the lights, then find a way to fill, seal, and paint it with the LEDs in (without painting over them). It's going to be a challenge to say the least, but I'm sure I'll figure something out! I ALSO finished picking all the stitches out of my new shoes, and I'm up to $135 out of my $200 fundraising goal for Rattle Me Bones, which is coming up on Sunday! Only a week to go! In honour of that, have another Robin pic!
Ready to give crime a big ol' POW in the face!

Just bits and bobs, almost there!
This and that, all that's left!
*cough* Back to business! So we're tying up the rest of Moxxi's outfit today! There's a LOT of little thises, thats and details left to be take care of, so it's time for some shopping!

Materials Needed:

-Gray Bra (preferably with a little built in va-va-voom)
-35cm Thin black lace with scalloped edge
-Black and white acrylic craft paint
-Acrylic fabric medium
-Turquoise panties
-Black and white striped thigh-highs
-Fishnet thigh highs
-Semi-opaque black thigh highs
-1.5m Black velvet ribbon 1" wide
-Black velcro
-Black fingerless gloves

Trying to pin down the bra design
Not the breasts - the BRA people! Hard to tell the design...
 So the first challenge (and the craftiest part of this entry) is the bra! As always, I wanted to be as accurate as possible, the more authentic the bust the better! I searched EVERYWHERE for something that might even come close to Moxxi's bra. Any time there was anything even close (semi lacy with gray snakeskin print) the bra wasn't even made in my size (one of the many trials of being well endowed).  I ended up picking up a decent silver push-up with matching lace at the bottom of the cup where it wouldn't be seen. Once I had it, the challenge was deciding on a pattern - as most of the bra is covered, it's difficult to see exactly what's there aside from variations of gray, so I went for something very Moxxi - stripes and swirls. I tested a few different shades on the back of the bra, and actually ended up using just fabric medium for the stripes, and dark gray mixed with fabric medium for the swirls. Once the paint had dried, I sewed on the lace! Since I hadn't been able to find a thin enough lace (let alone one with scalloping only on one side) I opted for one with scalloping on both sides, then sewed down the center of the lace, then folded it over and sewed it along the top of the cup. Perfect!
Moxxi's bra!
Stripes and swirls - very Moxxi-esque!
Moxxi's chokerNext up was the choker and waist tie! Both were made out of 1" wide velvet ribbon, and while I had been planning on picking up black, all Fabricland had was dark brown, which worked out as looking at the 
references, they do actually appear a little brownish, and the velvet napping provided the same kind of variation as the cell shading in the game. For the waist tie, I figured out how much I needed by wrapping my measuring tape around my hips as though it were the tie, and picked up that much ribbon. It needed no modification other than cutting, then it wraps around the hips twice before tying in the front. The choker was super simple, much like Dr. Zed's armband, just wrapped it around my neck to figure out how long it needed to be, then sewed the two halves of the velcro on the ends - one on the top side, one on the bottom side. Easy peasy!

From there on out, it was shopping, shopping, shopping! Next up were the panties! There's not much to see of them in the game, but they're definitely turquoise, and seem to have a little scalloped edge on the top and bottom.  They appear a little plain, so I searched for a lacier variety, and ended up finding just the thing at La Vie en Rose - a two-tone "Brazilian" thong, white underneath and turquoise over top.  They sit nice and low on the hips so I didn't have to take the thigh of the jacket up quite so high in order for them to be visible (have I mentioned that I don't like revealing clothes? I know, a bit rich from a Moxxi cosplayer). For comfort AND so I could keep them low on the hip without having them out of place elsewhere, I wore them over other underwear.

Stripy leggings!
Next up is the legwear! For the stripy leg, I picked up black and white "Music Legs" footless tights on ebay as the stripes appeared to be approximately the correct thickness.  For the other leg, in the reference it appears that there's a fishnet pattern ON a black pantyhose, but as I couldn't find one, I picked up a black thigh high at the dollar store, and put a random fishnet I happened to have at home over top. Once they were on, I ripped the holes in it as per the reference. That said, the fishnet I had, the diamonds were too small, so before next wear, I'll be picking up a more accurate set, and getting some better black thigh highs that will actually stay up (fingers crossed).

Cheap ass workout gloves
Finally, the last piece - the gloves! I got frustrated looking for these, just no luck online or in local stores, so I ended up picking up the cheapest pair of plain black workout gloves that SportChek had to offer and called it a day. I'm not entirely satisfied with them, so I'll be making new ones sooner or later out of pleather with the holes in the knuckles, but they worked well enough! If you're looking to buy something better, year-round costume stores or those stores that pop up around Halloween might have some (I spotted something similar at Spirit Halloween the other day while looking for plastic bolts).

And, if I'm not much mistaken - that is IT! Every piece of Moxxi's costume! It took a heck of a long time to put everything together, but it was so rewarding to see it all come together! The only things left now are hair and make-up! I'll give a full description for make-up at least, but my hair was a bit of a disaster, we'll go over why... Next time!

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